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Kampung Nelayan Bali
Under the natural light of the moon, enhanced only by plenty of torches, a lavish seafood barbeque buffet dinner is presented on traditional boats with colorful sails on our white sandy beach. The gigantic stage seems like floating in the ocean. Your company's logo is dominantly displayed.

After meeting at the poolside for a gathering cocktail served by beautiful Balinese Maidens your guests dressed in Balinese sarongs follow a procession of Balinese drums and giant cowbells to the Beach Garden. Here, an authentic Balinese fisherman village is reproduced. Your guests can admire the many typical handicrafts of Bali while at the same time being entertained by frog dancers.

During dinner extracts of other famous dances are performed on stage. Later, an extravagant parade of Balinese maidens carrying " Gebogan" on their heads come on stage presenting your company's logo. The evening comes to a close with dancing to the latest to 40 and maybe are familiar older tunes performed by a live band.


  • Poolside for gathering
  • Beach Garden for cocktails
  • Sandy beach for buffet dinner

At the beach garden, a recreated authentic fisherman village or "Kampung Nelayan Bali", features the day to day activities before going offshore. At the beach itself, the buffet dinner is displayed on colorful boats and the performances on a giant stage, which seems like floating in the sea.


  • Kampung nelayan Bali set up at Beach Garden
  • An extravagant stage and dancing floor set up at sandy beach
  • All service staff dressed as Balinese fishermen
  • Sign board at Beach Garden entrance
  • Mouse candles and traditional torches along the path from Poolside to Beach Garden
  • Art janur, paku pipit and penjor at venue

Table set up:

  • Center piece: shell with candle
  • Table top: blue colour
  • Table number in fish forms

Dining area:

  • Traditional boats around the dining area
  • Food on boats, covered by woven young coconut leaves
  • Plenty of traditional torches and lampions around the dining area


  • Traditional dance: Gerumbungan, Tektekan, Frog dance, Baris Gede dance, Joged Bumbung dance, Panyembrama dance and Kecak dance.
  • Batak Quartet
  • Live band with two singers


  • Balimoon Cocktail as welcome drink at Pool Side
  • Cocktails at Beach Garden: beers, juices, soft drinks and house wines and canapés for 30 minutes
  • Beverage during dinner on consumption basis

Give away:
Balinese costume for the party:

  • For men: sarong & udeng
  • For ladies: sarong & waist band

Suggested Menu:
Seafood Barbecue dinner as below:

  • Soup Smoked Clam & Corn Chowder with Italian Parsley
  • Cold Items and Salad Cooked Shrimp size 26 / 30 tail on, Cooked Crab, Cleaned and Claw opened, Smoked Fish Platter, Poached Fish Platter, Fresh Tuna Salad in Shell, Seafood Salad in Shell, Marinated Squid Salad in Shell, Pasta Salad with Smoked Salmon, Grilled Pineapple Salsa with Baby Shrimps, Assorted Garden Leaves, Sliced Tomato with Basil Chiffonnade, Guacamole, Cole Slaw, Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream, Curry Rice Salad with Baby Clams, Corn Salad with Crab Meat, Pickled Vegetables Assorted Sushi Rolls & inside out California Rolls
  • Main Course Prawn Termidor size 16/20 Butterfly Sautéed Goroupa with warm Ginger Vinaigrette Breaded Snapper Lugano Jasmine Rice Parsley Potatoes Stir fried Vegetables with Sesame Seeds
    Sea Shell Pasta with Seafood and Mushrooms in a Lobster Sauce
  • Condiment
    Lemon Wedge, Cocktail Sauce, Chili Sauce, Soya Sauce, Vinaigrette, French Dressing, Thousand Island, Marinated Olives, Lemon Butter Sauce, Chili Sauce, Garlic Butter
  • From the Grill
    Shrimp Skewer size 26/30 Straight
    Tuna Steak
    Baby Lobster
    Fish Burger
    Baby Squid Skewer
  • Dessert
    Cream Caramel
    Pear Almond Tart
    Strawberry Short Cake
    Pecan Pie
    Sliced Fresh Fruit
    Mozart Cake
    Black Forest
    Cheese Cake
    Swiss Chocolate Mousse Cake

Programme of the evening

  • All participants should meet at poolside area punctually; they are welcomed by Balinese maidens who will assist them to wear Balinese attire. While enjoying our special Bali moon Cocktail welcome drinks, which is served in a whole fresh pineapple, guests have some time to socialize with others.
  • The traditional procession of "Gerumbungan" (or a troop of Cowbells) lead the participants to the Beach Garden following a path which is lighted up by torches, candles and lampions.
  • The "BOMA" Balinese gate welcomes all guests to fishermen village exhibition venue. Young Balinese maidens line up along the way, which is beautifully decorated by art janur, torches and penjor (Balinese poles).
  • At the Fishermen village distinctly exhibit their daily activities are presented: - Kite making - Batik & oil painting - Hand weaving - Domino & Meceki playing - Egg painting - Wood carving - Fortune teller - Fisherman net knitting - Balinese boutique - Coconut leaves & lontar weaving
  • Complimentary refreshments and Canapés are served for 30 minutes.
  • Balinese Frog dancers perform and mingle with guests. A Baris Gede dance follow which symbolizes the old palace army practicing their strength. Beautiful girls show Joged Bumbung dance and invite your guests to dance along.
  • Another traditional procession of Tektekan ( bamboo music group ) accompanied by Rangda (a giant) appears and leads the guests to the sandy beach for dinner.
  • After being seated the guests are entertained by Panyembrama (Balinese welcome dance) for about 10 minutes, If required your opening ceremony can be arranged after this dance
  • While enjoy a lavish buffet dinner, our Batak quartet will serenade from table to table.
  • After the dinner a Kecak dance is performed. Eighty dancers shouting the " Cak - Cak" rhythm add magic to the evening.
  • An impressive array of 30 Balinese maidens carrying the "Gebogan" on their head present the company's logo on stage.
  • A live band with 2 singers attracts your guests to the dance floor and provides entertainment until midnight.

Kampung Nelayan

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